Horror Abounds in Trailer for DCU's 'Swamp Thing'

The latest original show from DC’s streaming service is Swamp Thing, premiering May 31st. This trailer makes it look like a straight horror series, hyping up James Wan’s name for credibility purposes in the genre. Hilariously though, the Swamp Thing himself doesn’t look all that different from the one in the Wes Craven 1982 B-movie with Adrienne Barbeau.

Ava Duvernay's 'When They See Us' Gets a Powerful Trailer

Ava Duvernay’s highly anticipated miniseries on the Central Park Five is expected to drop on Netflix May 31st. The trailer makes it seem every bit as compelling and tragic as the real life case, where Donald Trump infamously called for their execution by publishing a full page ad, an act which he has refused to apologize for to this very day, 17 years after the boys were completely exonerated and released from prison.

Meryl Streep Comes to Monterey in 'Big Little Lies' Season 2

This is one of those shows I enjoyed but did not think needed a second season, so who knows how this will go. It was only one book, so is there going to be a new mystery or is it all about the women keeping their secret from Meryl Streep, who’s playing the late Perry’s (Alexander Skarsgaard) mother? Even star Nicole Kidman said she didn’t know how it would turn out and admitted the fact that they all like hanging out together doesn’t necessarily justify doing another season, lol. But it’s starting June 9th so I guess we’ll see!