Week of Nov 3-8

This week in Movie News: the box office report for the weekend of the 1st; poster for The Hobbit; trailer for the new documentary Bettie Page Reveals All; third trailer for The Hobbit; People's Choice Award Movie Nominations; blu-ray pick of the week The Best Years of Our Lives; Oscar roundup for Best Supporting Actor; 2nd trailer for RoboCop; featurette for Saving Mr. Banks; and the second trailer for Lone Survivor.

This week in TV Home: recaps for the latest SNL and Homeland; the History Channel to remake Roots; People's Choice Award TV Nominations; the first look at Sherlock; and the news on the Marvel/Netflix collaboration for new streaming series.

Also this week the November movies were posted, and the description for the month is "In Commemoration"- war movies for Veteran's Day.