Keira Knightley is a Whistleblower in 'Official Secrets'

This political thriller showed at Sundance, about the forgotten story of a whistleblower who worked for British intelligence, and who tried to stop the Iraq War by leaking secret documents in 2003. These kinds of stories about fighting for the truth and against government propaganda are more timely than ever- especially coming from people who do the right thing from inside the government rather than bowing down to what they tell you to do, when you know it’s wrong. It bothers me that we haven’t had more patriots in our current government trying to save the country from the evil squatting in the White House. Everyone just seems to be sitting on their hands, paralyzed in fear or complacency.

Brad Pitt Goes to Space in 'Ad Astra'

I’ve only seen one movie of James Grey’s but I kind of hated it (2014’s The Immigrant- and it is hard to get me to hate a period costume drama romance), so I’m not that excited about this one. I’m also suspicious of the September release date- big studios usually release their adult dramas in October or November if they think they’re any good, and this one’s been delayed for a while now.

Matt Damon and Christian Bale Race Cars in 'Ford v. Ferrari'

This movie is apparently based on a true story, but it’s something I’ve never heard of. Looks interesting though. Maybe. James Mangold is kind of an interesting director, someone who’s mostly done studio movies, but occasionally with flashes of artistic inspiration in them (Logan, 3:10 to Yuma). This comes out in November, so the studio probably thinks it’s an awards contender. And yes, that’s Christian Bale using his real life accent for once.

Pixar's New Movie 'Onward' Drops a Teaser Trailer

It’s hard to tell what this movie is going to be about- maybe a Zootopia-esque kind of thing, but with dragons? Eh. Voices are Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, and it looks at least like some sort of “brothers bonding on a road trip” movie. I’ve never liked teasers or trailers for any of PIxar’s movies (even the ones that I ended up loving), so I can’t tell much from this. Seems like kind of a bad title though. Onward?

Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish Team Up in 'The Kitchen'

Okay, so…is it me or does this look a lot like last year’s Widows? And that wasn’t exactly anything close to a hit. Maybe this is the more commercial version of it? Apparently this one is based on a graphic novel, but the similarities are pretty resounding, with the husbands in prison this time, not dead, and set in the 70’s. It’s coming out in August, which can be kind of a wildcard release date. McCarthy and Haddish being in it will make people think it’s a comedy but it’s obviously a straight drama, so who knows how this will turn out.

Sarah Connor Returns in 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

62-year-old Linda Hamilton returns as Sarah Connor in the latest Terminator movie, a film I had no idea existed but is apparently coming out on November 1st and is directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller. James Cameron also returns to the franchise as a producer and it looks like we get at least a cameo from Arnold as well (I don’t know how they explain his aging). Could this be the first good Terminator movie since 1991’s T2?

Sporky Must Be Saved in New 'Toy Story 4' Trailer

The new Toy Story trailer ups the laughs, but I’m not thrilled about this plot. Why exactly is it so important that Sporky be rescued? First of all, I don’t love the idea that a homemade craft secretly comes alive in this universe, and also- is the lesson supposed to be that Bonnie must lose her plastic fork like all kids lose the crap that they make at school within a couple days? Because if it’s not, if they actually save this stupid fork thing, then they just couldn’t come up with a better excuse to make another Toy Story movie. Sporky must die, people.