Olivia Colman Takes Over as Elizabeth in 'The Crown' Season 3

Yesss!!! Netflix has finally released the trailer for season 3 of The Crown, coming out November 17th. The next two seasons will have a new cast playing royals Elizabeth, Phillip (Tobias Menzies) and Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) in their middle aged years, and new additions like Charles and Camilla as young adults (before bringing in Diana next season!!!). I can’t wait.

Jamie and Claire are Back in 'Outlander' Season 5

Yay! Okay, so yes, the last season was…less than good because of the Brianna stuff, but if I remember correctly she has a much less important role in Book 5. Actually, I don’t know if Outlander is going to keep going for each and every book or maybe start condensing the later ones, so it doesn’t have to go on for fifty years, but if it does, maybe go ahead and send Roger and Bree back to the present earlier? No one would complain, believe me.

Diahann Carroll 1935-2019


The pioneering actress Diahann Carroll passed away today at the age of 84. The Oscar nominee was the first black woman to win a Tony award and the first African-American woman to star in a non-stereotypical lead role on television in NBC’s Julia, which ran from 1968-1971. She got her first film role in 1954’s Carmen Jones, alongside Dorothy Dandrige, and then went on to act in films like Porgy and Bess and Paris Blues before winning the Tony in 1962 for the musical No Strings. She won a Golden Globe and was Emmy nominated for Julia, and was then nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for 1974’s Claudine. She joined the cast of Dynasty from 1984-87 as Dominique Deveraux, and was nominated for a third Emmy for her recurring role on A Different World in the late 80’s. She went on to guest star on television into the 2010’s and was finally inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2011.

Opening credits of Julia (1968-71):

Jesse Pinkman Hides Out in New 'El Camino' Trailer

I’m not a big fan of endless teasers rather than a simple, full trailer, but since El Camino is on Netflix October 11th, I’m guessing teasers is all we’re going to get leading up to it? Still, so psyched about seeing Aaron Paul as Jesse again. Looks like the happiness from his mad dash to freedom didn’t last long. But he’s not Jesse if he’s not being made to suffer, right?

ETA: Apparently I spoke too soon the other day, or at least posted too soon, because lo and behold, we now have the full trailer for the movie after all! Looks good.

2019 Emmy Predictions, Part 5: Drama, Comedy, And Limited Series

Finally, here we are now with the top series categories. There’s one lock, one two way race and one with I think three of four distinct possibilities. 


Jon Snow, Khaleesi and the iconic series says goodbye

Jon Snow, Khaleesi and the iconic series says goodbye

  • Better Call Saul

  • Bodyguard

  • Game of Thrones

  • Killing Eve

  • Ozark

  • Pose

  • Succession

  • This is Us

The least suspenseful award of the night goes to Game of Thrones in a walk, given its record nomination haul and the recognition of the series long achievement as a whole. I don’t think anything else stands a chance actually, so I’m not sure what else to even make a case for. It will be a more interesting race next year, when Succession’s buzz will have grown even higher, in my opinion, and perhaps with The Handmaid’s Tale back in contention as well. 

Winner: Game of Thrones


I’m too chicken to predict my favorite,  Barry , so I’m defaulting to last year’s winner

I’m too chicken to predict my favorite, Barry, so I’m defaulting to last year’s winner

  • Barry

  • Fleabag

  • The Good Place

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

  • Russian Doll

  • Schitt’s Creek

  • Veep

This one is more difficult, because I think the winner could be any one of either Veep, Maisel, Barry or Fleabag. But, I will adhere to my own Emmy rule- when in doubt go to last year’s winner. So as much I really would like Barry to win and was excited at first about its chances when it got so many nominations, I think it’s in competition with Veep as the other HBO series (and that one being a multiple past winner that just had its final season), and that leaves space for the voters to just go with Mrs. Maisel again, which got a bunch of creative arts Emmys last weekend and seems to still be on a high with the industry in general. The other choice here is Fleabag, which has no other chance to ever win, but I still think that’s a major dark horse, despite the huge buzz surrounding Phoebe Waller-Bridge. My guess is that show wins a writing award for its creator/star, while the top ones go to something else.

Winner: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Alternate: Veep

Dark Horse: Barry/Fleabag


I think  Chernobyl  will take it…but  When They See Us  could easily prevail

I think Chernobyl will take it…but When They See Us could easily prevail

  • Chernobyl

  • Escape at Dannemora

  • Fosse/Verdon

  • Sharp Objects

  • When They See Us

I believe this one will go to HBO’s Chernobyl, but it’s in a head to head fight with Netflix’s When They See Us, and it’s probably closer than people think. Both series are incredibly powerful and got showered with nominations this year, and the passion for them is high. But I think When They See Us will take an acting award and possibly directing for Ava Duvernay, leaving Chernobyl, as the prestige HBO series (the network still triumphs over streaming) to come out on top in series. As for the other shows, probably Ben Stiller’s Escape at Dannemora is in third, with Fosse/Verdon fourth and Sharp Objects having come out too long ago now to sustain its initial buzz, as HBO’s other entry.

Winner: Chernobyl

Alternate: When They See Us

Dark Horse: Escape at Dannemora

2019 Emmy Predictions, Part 4: Acting in a Drama Series

So now we’re on to drama. These are sort of all over the place and I don’t quite feel good about my picks for any of them besides supporting actor.


Crossing my fingers for Bob Odenkirk this year

Crossing my fingers for Bob Odenkirk this year

  • Jason Bateman, Ozark

  • Sterling K. Brown, This is Us

  • Kit Harington, Game of Thrones

  • Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul

  • Billy Porter, Pose

  • Milo Ventimiglia, This is Us

Ummm. There’s no real heavy hitter in this category this year, which means it really should be Bob Odenkirk’s turn for Better Call Saul, but I just question the show’s momentum. It’s so quiet at the moment- will voters flock to him? I don’t know this Ozark show, but Jason Bateman is pretty beloved in the industry, so he may win in lieu of another favorite. I don’t think Harington will win lead actor, despite the enormous amount of love for Game of Thrones’s final season (from the Emmys, not the public). Ehh..I’m unsure.

Winner: Bob Odenkirk (really hoping his time has come)

Alternate: Jason Bateman 

Dark Horse: Billy Porter (this would be great, and a big surprise and boost for Pose)


This would sort of be an upset, but not to anyone who actually watches  Killing Eve

This would sort of be an upset, but not to anyone who actually watches Killing Eve

  • Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones

  • Jodie Comer, Killing Eve

  • Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder

  • Laura Linney, Ozark

  • Mandy Moore, This is Us

  • Sandra Oh, Killing Eve

  • Robin Wright, House of Cards

I’m taking this category for my one wild dart and predicting who I desperately want to win, and that’s Jodie Comer. Most people think Sandra Oh will take it this time, as an overdue vet in the industry, but if you actually watch Killing Eve, you will see that Comer is the biggest revelation on it and the true factor in making you want to continue watching. I’m just going to go for it with her. Sometimes surprises occur, especially if people actually view the submission tapes, and hers is a killer.

Winner: Jodie Comer

Alternate: Sandra Oh

Dark Horse: Laura Linney


Look for Peter Dinklage to win Emmy no. 4

Look for Peter Dinklage to win Emmy no. 4

  • Alfie Allen, Game of Thrones

  • Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul

  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Game of Thrones

  • Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones

  • Giancarlo Esposito, Better Call Saul

  • Michael Kelly, House of Cards

  • Chris Sullivan, This is Us

Now, for this one I feel pretty good about predicting Peter Dinklage as Game of Throne’s acting trophy for the final season, and his fourth one for the role of Tyrian Lannister. He’s always been the face of the show and unless one of the other people pulls it off this year, will remain the only actor to win an Emmy for their performance on the series. I’m fine with that choice too, as he’s great and I don’t think the other guys in the category are particularly better than him.

Winner: Peter Dinklage

Alternate: Jonathan Banks


I don’t watch this show, but I’ve heard she’s the only good thing about it

I don’t watch this show, but I’ve heard she’s the only good thing about it

  • Gwendoline Christie, Game of Thrones

  • Julia Garner, Ozark

  • Lena Headey, Game of Thrones

  • Fiona Shaw, Killing Eve

  • Sophie Turner, Game of Thrones

  • Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones

With a record four actresses from Game of Thrones vying for the award here, it’s a pretty good bet none of them takes it, but if anyone could, I guess it might be Maisie Williams? Of the four, she’s the only one who had much to do in these last episodes. I always wanted Lena Headey to win an Emmy for Cersei, but she couldn’t possibly win it for hanging around on a balcony drinking wine all season, right? Or can she? I don’t know, I think this may go to Julia Garner or even Fiona Shaw, just for standing apart in the category.

Winner: Julia Garner

Alternate: Maisie Williams

Dark Horse: Fiona Shaw