More from Comic-Con: Superman and Batman to team up

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop: WB's big news this morning is that Zach Snyder's follow up to Man of Steel will be a Superman/Batman team up movie, with a release date set for 2015. Henry Cavill will return as Supes, while it's not yet known who will play Batman in the film.  It was also announced that a Flash movie is set for 2016 and The Justice League for 2017 (but that's tentative). David Goyer is set to write the script for the Superman/Batman movie.

Call me less than thrilled by this news. To me this says WB doesn't trust the Superman property on its own (even though it's brought in a pretty hefty box office haul so far, if not as much as they wanted), and even though I had a glimmer of hope that the next Superman would be better, since they introduced Clark Kent, what this says to me is that it's just going to be more excessive fight scenes and pounding stuff.

And can I just say, where the hell is the Wonder Woman movie? Why does no one believe that a superhero movie about the most famous female superhero ever would make any money? That is absolutely ridiculous, there are just as many fangirls out there as fanboys (just look at The Hunger Games franchise), and to not even try it while beginning to trot out the second tier ones continues to piss me off.