"Getaway" is a Trainwreck with Critics

Aha- it looks like we have a candidate for the worst movie of the year in Getaway, the Ethan Hawke/Selena Gomez car chase movie. It's sitting at a dismal 2% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (that's one, count it, ONE positive review) and boy the knives are out for this one, with some absolute gems being hurled at it by the critics: 

"You've probably seen this movie before, watching a child play with his toy Hot Wheels cars after eating multiple bowls of sugary breakfast cereal." (San Francisco Chronicle

"'Getaway' could have been an excellent two-minute film." (Washington Post

"'Getaway is so bad that what's most surprising about it is that Nicolas Cage didn't manage to star in it." (New York Post

"It doesn't have a plot, really. It's more of an outline of a first draft of a notion." (Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Maybe the title isn't a title, but an instruction: 'Getaway,' away from this movie, and fast."  (Arizona Republic)

"The only participant to emerge with its reputation intact- though not its paint job- is the Shelby Mustang muscle car, which also delivers the film's most nuanced and psychologically complex performance." (The Atlantic