A LOOK BACK: "United 93" (2006) Dir. Paul Greengrass

On today's 12th anniversary of 9/11, we take a look at a film from seven years ago that celebrated the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93, the hijacked plane that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. At the time of this movie's release it was widely seen as being too soon and too painful for people to watch a docudrama that attempted to recreate the events that took place on that flight- but the film itself was an incredibly moving and respectful tribute to the brave passengers who tried to take back the plane. Made with no big name actors and skillfully directed with a high level of intensity and tension typical of Paul Greengrass, United 93 was one of the best films of the year in 2006 and maybe now enough time has passed for some more people to want to give it another look. It's a worthwhile experience.

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