Movie of the Day: "Some Kind of Wonderful" (1987)

So we conclude John Hughes week tonight with another Howard Deutch directed entry, and it's essentially the reverse of Pretty in Pink, but with the appropriate ending this time. Eric Stoltz is the working class Keith, who's in love with the rich and popular Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), and oblivious to the fact that his tomboy best pal Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) is in love with him. Lea Thompson is in the same league with Andrew McCarthy's Blane as far as charisma goes, so thankfully in this one our hero makes the right choice in the triangle. This is the least celebrated of the Hughes high school canon (probably even Weird Science is better known), but the best part of this movie is the really strong chemistry between Keith and Watts. Whereas you could never really see Andie winding up with Duckie either in Pretty in Pink, in this one there's no doubt these two belong together. A sweet romance to cap off John Hughes week in Back to School Month.

Trailer from 1987: