TEASER: "Inside Out"

It's been quite a while since Pixar has come out with a real classic, on par with its winning streak from Finding Nemo through Toy Story 3, which I would argue was its last great one. I suppose some people liked Brave, but the truth is, apart from the stunning visuals, that movie wasn't nearly as good as their previous entries, and since then they've been doing sequels like Monsters University and Cars 2, with a Nemo one on the way. But this just may be a return to the creative innovation of the glory years, or at least on paper it has the potential. A young girl has arguing emotions that live inside her head, a risky concept, but with Pete Doctor directing (he last directed Up) and a screenplay from Toy Story 3's Michael Arndt, I might actually be excited about a Pixar movie again. Not a whole lot to see from this teaser (it draws heavily on clips from past hits), but the movie's coming out next June.