Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "Christmas in Connecticut" (1945)

Well, it might as well be Christmas season already, right? The stores have already put out their decorations, and the Hallmark cable channels started playing Christmas movies 24/7 the day after Halloween (not kidding about that). So I'm going to jump into the season by recommending this screwball comedy starring the great Barbara Stanwyck as a single woman in her 30's (the horror!) who works as a columnist giving out homemaking advice to housewives (ala Martha Stewart), a subject that in truth she knows nothing about. So now when her boss wants to bring a war hero to the home of the "best homemaker in America," she's got to put on the show of her life. It's a classic that Stanwyck carries completely with her special brand of streetwise daffiness- it's a good one that should be better known.

Original 1945 Trailer: