TRAILER: "Cinderella"

Oh boy. The new trailer for Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella, which is apparently a straight remake of the 1950 animated feature, brings back shades of Maleficent for me, which means I had a hard time keeping my lunch down as I watched this. Sorry, but that's an experience I'm still not quite over yet. This looks absolutely awful, and Disney seems intent on tarnishing the reputation of their beloved classics in every way possible. CG mice? Costumes that look borrowed from the Disney World employees? I fear for the tastes of this generation's children if they're growing up on this crap. I can promise you right now that a better live action version of the Cinderella story is Drew Barrymore's Ever After, from 1998. Make your kids watch that. Seriously, compared to this, that movie now looks like the Citizen Kane of fairy tale re-imaginings.