Nevada Film Critics Society Goes for 'Gone Girl'

Hey, something different! Nevada critics like Gone Girl all the way, handing it picture and actress, while giving actor and director to Nightcrawler. Nice to see some variation in taste here.


Best Film - 'Gone Girl'
Best Actor - Jake Gyllenhaal 'Nightcrawler'
Best Actress - Rosamund Pike 'Gone Girl'
Best Supporting Actor - JK Simmons 'Whiplash'
Best Supporting Actress - Tie - Jessica Chastain for 'A Most Violent Year' and Patricia Arquette for 'Boyhood'
Best Youth Performance - Ellar Coltrane 'Boyhood'
Best Director - Dan Gilroy 'Nightcrawler'
Best Screenplay - Dan Gilroy 'Nightcrawler'
Best Ensemble Cast - 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Best Documentary - 'Citizenfour'
Best Animated Movie - 'Big Hero 6'
Best Production Design - 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'
Best Cinematography - 'Interstellar'
Best Visual Effects - 'Interstellar'