TEASER: "Wish I Was Here"

Right off the bat, the very fact of this movie's existence is kind of icky. For his first feature film as a director since Garden State, Zach Braff used Kickstarter funds to get it made and raised nearly $3 million, which rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and for good reason. It's one thing when a cult property like Veronica Mars, which would never have been made otherwise, uses crowdsourcing, but you're telling me Zach Braff, actor, producer and occasional director of the very long-running sitcom Scrubs, could somehow not manage to get this extremely low-budget, personal film produced without the money of ordinary people? But he did it anyway, and it was received at Sundance to some pretty lousy reviews (although the pre-existing ill will towards it couldn't have helped), and is now coming out in July. It does look kind of self-indulgent and annoying (although you could make the case that Garden State walked that line as well):