Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "The Women" (1939)

Out on blu-ray this week is a classic from the 1930's and one of my favorites of that particular era. The Women was adapted from a play by Clare Booth Luce and featured an all star cast of Hollywood's biggest actresses at the time. The conceit is that this movie is virtually all women, showing not one single man in the entire film. Good girl Norma Shearer stars as a wealthy Manhattanite whose husband is having an affair with the evil Joan Crawford and whose friends alternately plot with her and against her in light of the scandal the affair causes. Hilarious, filled with sparkling one-liners and some all time delicious scenery-chewing from Crawford and the great Rosalind Russell. It was made into a horrible remake in 2008, but this is the one you want to see.

Original Trailer: