TRAILER: "Obvious Child"

This indie comedy made a splash at Sundance and is starting to be labeled "Hollywood's abortion rom-com," but apparently it got some great notices for being a movie that acknowledges that abortion is an actual thing that some women, you know, choose to do. And that for some reason may not actually destroy their entire life. The skittishness on this topic in movies has been highly irritating and bizarre in recent years- I'll never forget that scene in Knocked Up where no one can even utter the word because it's just too horrible to contemplate. Um, I'm sorry, what year is it again? Of course, with this movie being written and directed by a woman (it had to be), Gillian Robespierre is finally approaching the topic as a reality. And hopefully it launches Jenny Slate (Mona Lisa to Parks and Rec fans), who's got great comic timing herself and desreves to be better known.