Scarlett Johansson as "Lucy"

Here are a couple of red band clips of ScarJo kicking ass as the superhuman Lucy, who makes the most of the myth about human beings only being able to use 10% of their brain. When a journalist asked Luc Besson if he was aware that that "statistic" was actually completely untrue, he just laughed it off and said he knew that, but it'd be cool if it was. That perfectly describes Besson's attitude towards the action movies he makes, which can be way over the top and usually hit and miss (his best are Nikita, The Professional and The Fifth Element), but maybe this one will work, as thanks to the Avengers movies, people are used to seeing Johansson as an action heroine now (it does kind of suit her stoic acting style to have to be so cool and unemotional). Lucy comes out next Friday.