TRAILER #4: "Maps to the Stars"

So yeah, this seems like an excessive amount of trailers for a film that's not even coming out this year, but it looks like that may be the only way we'll ever get to see it. Unfortunately, it was confirmed that Maps to the Stars will only be released in Canada on October 31st, with its distributor Focus World set to possibly release the movie on VOD in 2015- which really sucks, because the movie won Julianne Moore the Best Actress award in Cannes, so I just can't imagine it being so bad that they can't even risk releasing it here. Moore does look terrific in it, but luckily, it was just announced that another movie of hers called Still Alice, an indie about a woman suffering from early onset Alzheimers, was just picked up in Toronto (where she got raves from the critics) and will be released this year, which will very likely place Julianne Moore as the Best Actress frontrunner. That would be long overdue for the four-time nominee, but as usual, it's because the Best Actress field is so barren, while Best Actor is as always, way overcrowded with at least ten great performances vying for five slots. Sad state of affairs indeed.