Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "Mulholland Dr." (2001)

One of David Lynch's best movies and one of my very favorite films of the previous decade is out in a Criterion Collection edition this week, and it's so creepy (well, it's Lynch, how could it not be?), that hey, it works well for Halloween too. Naomi Watts had her breakthrough role as the super sweet small town girl who gets caught up in the mysterious noir-esque Hollywood scene. You can't describe too much more of the plot than that, because it takes all kinds of surreal twists and turns and it's best to just let it wash over you as you try to absorb the madness. In a way, this movie deals with the powerful and abstract nature of dreams in a way that so-called mindbenders like Inception could never conceive of. Mulholland Dr. will blow your mind in the very best way- I guarantee it.