The Nemo Gang Returns in Trailer for 'Finding Dory'

I know a lot of people have a really strong attachment to Finding Nemo, but I have to admit that for me it's not one of my personal favorite Pixar films. I think the Toy Story movies hit me in that nostalgic sweet spot, and as for their best, my votes go to the Brad Bird ones, Ratatouille and The Incredibles. And Dory herself wasn't even my favorite character in the original movie- Albert Brooks' Marlon was by far the best, and hearing him again excited me more than Ellen Degeneres's Dory does. Still, I'm sure there are millions who are pretty psyched about this long awaited sequel next year, so here's your first look at it. Funny, I guess not a whole lot of time has gone by, since Nemo hasn't grown like, at all in the intervening 13 years.