DC Heroes Unite in Full 'Batman v Superman' Trailer

Wow. That was...something, alright. I think I'm just in awe at whatever the hell Jesse Eisenberg thinks he's doing with his performance as Lex Luthor in this movie, that I didn't even notice the crappy CGI Doomsday the first time around- or that Wonder Woman looks like she wandered out of Sucker Punch. Seriously though, what's more surprising- that Zack Snyder let Eisenberg get away with attempting to mimic Jim Carrey's Riddler from 1995's Batman Forever, or that whoever made this trailer actually thought it was good enough to show something of an extended scene of Lex making his presence known to Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, who are both played as bland non-entities by Affleck and Cavill? This may actually be one of the worst, most memorably bad movies ever made. The campy stuff was hidden from the first couple teasers, but man- I can't wait for the reviews to hit on this one.