'Spider-Man' Returns to Marvel, Will Join the MCU and Avengers

In some late-breaking comic book news last night, it was announced that Sony will agree to essentially share custody of their beloved Spider-Man with his original (and rightful) owner, Marvel Studios. This is a big deal, because it means that Spider-Man can now join the Marvel movies, team up with the Avengers, and have his own films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony will actually still own the character and continue to profit financially from the films, but hey, since nobody really cared about the last two Amazing Spider-Man movies anyway, it was obvious Sony had no real ideas about what to do with the iconic superhero. Of course, that means Andrew Garfield has been 86ed and the search is on for a new Spidey, ideally one who will be able to carry the Marvel movies once Robert Downey Jr. (finally) steps down as their flagship character of Iron Man. We can all expect a new Spider-Man movie in 2017 now, meaning their other slate of films has been pushed back (clearly Spidey's much more important to them than Thor 3, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and the Inhumans). Who would you guys like to see cast as the next web-slinger?