TRAILER: "Aloha"

Speaking of directors who haven't made a good movie in a long time, here's Cameron Crowe with his latest romantic comedy. Even though We Bought a Zoo was okay, I gotta say that his last really good movie was Almost Famous, fifteen years ago. And the recent Sony leaked emails fiasco revealed a long exchange between producers about the many, many ways this movie (which was untitled for over a year) was borderline unfixable, so this final cut they came up with has been through the wringer, to say the least. Judging by how it looks though, and not any of the behind the scenes drama, I can already say that it's way too predictable and that the Rachel McAdams character may as well be jettisoned right off the bat. Seriously, there's no way Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone aren't headed right towards each other's arms and pretending otherwise looks like a real big waste of time. Aloha comes out May 29th- we'll see if it turns out any good.