TRAILER #3: "Cinderella"

Like with last year's Maleficent, Disney is out to completely oversaturate the market with an abundance of trailers for this movie, but this is the first one that makes it look non-disastrous (if not exactly brilliant). It does a weird thing though- when I first saw the teaser I immediately recommended 1998's Ever After as an alternative to this, which was sort of a non-magical, feminist reworking of the Cinderella story that's actually really good, and this trailer makes it look like the movie actually does go the Ever After route, down to her first accidental meeting with the Prince. Other than that it's still cartoony and magic filled, and Cate Blanchett looks to be hamming it up like nobody's business. It's coming out March 13th- I just hope it's better than Maleficent, and this is the first ad that gives me some hope for that.