Kids Reenact Oscar Nominees

If you missed any of the Best Picture nominees, you can catch up by watching these child actors imitate everyone from Martin Luther King to Stephen Hawking. Some people really love this stuff (I have to confess, I don't find it quite as hilarious as others do- for me it's amusing for about five seconds). Speaking of the Oscars, voting officially commences today, as people will decide what to vote for in what looks like a pretty close race between Boyhood and Birdman. This weekend it's two important precursor awards ceremonies- the DGA tomorrow night and the BAFTAS, or the British Academy Awards, on Sunday afternoon (11am on the West Coast). Those two can be pretty significant- DGA is historically the most accurate Best Picture predictor, while the Baftas can often signal if an acting winner is going to surprise on Oscar night. I'll be posting the results as soon as they come in.