Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "The Band Wagon" (1953)

One of my all time favorite musicals is out on blu-ray this week! Yeah, this Fred Astaire/Cyd Charisse pairing is listed over in our musical month for the January movie picks, but now you can see it in perfect quality. Astaire plays an over the hill movie star who's considered past his prime, so he returns to the stage for a comeback on Broadway. It's definitely a meta story going on (this was written by the same couple who wrote Singin' in the Rain, another satire on show business), and it's filled with inside jokes about theater, Hollywood people, etc. But it's got some amazing dance numbers, great songs, and dare I say that I actually prefer this one to Singin' in the Rain? Well, it may be sacrilegious to many musical fans, but yes, I do. You have to pick it up.

Original 1953 Trailer: