Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "Inherent Vice" (2014)

This week's choice is a movie a lot of people missed last year, and that's because it was a bit divisive among audiences and critics, but I'd argue it's still worth seeing as a trippy neo-noir early 70's sojourn, and any Paul Thomas Anderson flick has got to be at least interesting, right? Plus, as confusing and wobbly as the story/plot is, there are plenty of individual moments in it to keep you attuned. Joaquin Phoenix is great as the stoner detective who gets sucked into a vortex of drugs and mystery that even he doesn't really understand, and the rest of the cast has fun popping in and out of the frame with bit parts to add to all the chaos- especially Katherine Waterston as Phoenix's long lost love. Just think of it as an atmosphere movie, relax and let it wash over you. It's quite a ride.