Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "Make Way For Tomorrow" (1937)

Out this week is this heartbreaking Depression-era film that served as the basis for 1953's classic Tokyo Story, but is just as moving and sad in its own way. It's the 1930's and an older married couple can no longer afford to stay in their home, and so they must separate and go live with their grown children. Today it may not be as easy to accept the fact that they couldn't find a way to keep the parents together, but it's more believable in a film from this era, maybe because the Depression really did affect poor families in tragic ways like this. The acting is sensitive and mature, and the movie holds up all these years later and will break your heart in the same way it did for audiences at the time. Give this one a chance and see how well you hold up against the powerful emotion of the story.

Original 1937 Trailer: