James Horner 1953-2015

Tragically, Oscar-winning composer James Horner died yesterday in a plane crash. He was flying his private plane in California when it went down, and he passed away at the age of 61. This man wrote so many classic, all time great movie scores that you're going to be shocked to realize how many of them you know- Star Trek II and III, An American Tail, Aliens, Willow, Field of Dreams, The Rocketeer, Legends of the Fall, Braveheart, Apollo 13, Titanic (his Oscar win and the best-selling movie score soundtrack of all time- and yes, the first one I ever bought), A Beautiful Mind, The Perfect Storm, The New World and Avatar, among countless others. If you can't remember the scores to some of these films, just look up a sample of the music to any of them- The Rocketeer for example, and you'll be stunned to remember how iconic most of them are. A truly great talent who will be missed.

I'm posting a bit of the score for Willow here, which I think is completely underrated. It's gorgeous.

Field of Dreams score: