New X-Men Pics Reveal Psylocke, Apocalypse

EW once again has the exclusive first set photos from next summer's X-Men movie, and Apocalypse looks a little...cartoony? Like a Power Rangers villain? Yeah, it's kind of weird. But actually Psylocke's cut up bathing suit look is also a little nutty. Aside from the questionable costumes here, I'm most annoyed by the news that Jennifer Lawrence has essentially ditched the blue makeup entirely and will be walking around as herself for the whole film. I'm sorry, but what's the point of that? If she's not going to bother to be Mystique (who's lame in these movies anyway), why the pretense? Why not just have her show up and literally play herself as a famous walk-on- hey look, it's Jennifer Lawrence time traveling into the 1980's and deciding to be a part of Professor X's mutant team. It may as well be the case at this point. New characters from the bottom up are young Nightcrawler, Jubilee (finally making her long awaited debut in the movies), and young Storm with a snazzy mohawk look.