Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "Hiroshima, Mon Amour" (1959)

One of the films that kicked off the start of the French New Wave, Alain Resnais's Hiroshima, Mon Amour is our blu-ray pick this week, now on in a Criterion Collection edition. This is an unconventional movie detailing a 90-minute conversation between a French woman and a Japanese man who have a brief affair, and trade memories that rarely match regarding their past and the bombing of Hiroshima after WWII. The movie was incredibly innovative in its use of flashbacks that don't add up and a non-linear way of storytelling that dazzled audiences (and critics) back in the late 50's, and helped to kick off the new movement in French filmmaking. It was an obvious influence on films like Last Year at Marienbad for instance, and you can see just how startling some of these techniques were at the time.