Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "Peter Pan" (1955)

Remember how horrendous last year's Peter Pan Live! was that aired on NBC? Well, you can forget all about that, because the definitive, iconic version starring Mary Martin from 1955 has finally been released on blu-ray. This play broke mass records at the time it was broadcast, for both the 1955 and 56 audiences, and just watching it now you can see how triumphant the legendary Martin was in the role, and why this version remained so beloved for decades. It still works, because you can see the professionalism of the stage actors who'd played their parts on Broadway for years, unlike the ones hired for the live broadcasts now. It's a wonderful musical that will probably still be entertaining for little kids even today. Do them a favor and show it to them, will you?

Original 1956 TV Promo: