Cate Blanchett Takes on the Dan Rather Story in 'Truth'

The second movie about journalism to come out of Toronto, Truth got mostly positive reviews, but excellent notices in particular for Cate Blanchett's performance, with most stating it's one of the best of her career, even better than her Oscar-winning role in Blue Jasmine. She plays Mary Mapes, the 60 Minutes producer whose career was destroyed by the Bush administration, along with Dan Rather's, when the news magazine program fumbled the story on the president's National Guard service back in 2004. This film is explicitly political and takes the side of Mapes and Rather, so it will definitely be facing some controversy, no matter how good the performances are- I personally can't wait to see it. Sony Pictures Classics waited quite a while to release a trailer, since the movie is coming out on October 16th, but here it is. Keep a look out.