Jack Sparrow Doesn't Make the Cut in First Trailer for 'Dead Men Tell No Tales'

So yeah, Pirates of the Caribbean is back for its fifth installment, and Jack Sparrow is mentioned and teased during this trailer (which is awfully intense and spooky for a Pirates movie), but no Johnny Depp in any frame of it? I can't help but wonder if this has something to do with his horrifically bad PR year, kinda like how the trailer for Mel Gibson's new movie Hacksaw Ridge tells us its "from the director of Braveheart," whoever that was, with no name attached whatsoever. Huh. I thought this character pretty much was the attraction for the Pirates movies, but this teaser is depending on Javier Bardem doing his best villainous CGI pirate thing (no one can pass Bill Nighy's Davey Jones effect from the second movie in that department).