Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg Team Up Again for 'Patriots Day'

A Wahlberg/Berg film just came out last weekend in Deepwater Horizon, and yes, this is their next, due out at Christmas. When do these guys sleep? It's yet another action-adventure film based on recent true life events, their third after the first successful collaboration, 2014's Lone Survivor. They appear to be trying to corner the market in this very specific genre. I'm amazed at how closely this trailer actually resembles the one for Deepwater Horizon, down to Wahlberg kissing his supportive wife goodbye on the way to work before disaster strikes. This time it's the recreation of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and I assume, the city-wide manhunt that took place immediately following. Berg's films are always pointedly politically neutral, despite the reinvention of events that most remember with at least some tint of political shading, but Berg's attitude is to play things out as straightforward as possible, in order to celebrate the heroes and survivors of these incidents without comment. So, if you're into that kind of thing, this might be for you?