Jimmy Kimmel to Host the 89th Oscars

A full six weeks later than the usual announcement date, it was revealed today that Jimmy Kimmel will host the show next February. I've got no problem with this- I figured it was coming eventually, since he's ABC's in-house late night guy and all. He's friendly with all the celebrities but he can be quick and not too nice if need be, which makes him an infinitely better choice than this year's Globes host Jimmy Fallon (dreading that one). This will make him the first person to host both the Emmys and the Oscars in the same calendar year. If anything, it doesn't make the show seem like a big "event" thing anymore, but the Oscars are heading that way already, with the movies being honored every year less and less films that most people have even heard of. It's sort of becoming like the Tonys in that regard. If he does a good job, I can actually see ABC choosing to keep him as a perennial host for the show from now on.