Oscar Predictions 2016, Part 2: Animated, Foreign, Doc, Makeup, Sets and Cinematography

Today we're predicting the sets, makeup, cinematography, and the three feature categories that are isolated from the main films in animated, documentary and foreign language. Let's do this.


  •         Mad Max: Fury Road
  •         The Revenant
  •         The 100-Year-Old Man

I think this is an easy win for Mad Max. It won the guild and the Bafta, so it looks to me like a done deal at the Oscars too.

Winner: Mad Max: Fury Road


  •         Mad Max: Fury Road
  •         Bridge of Spies
  •         The Martian
  •         The Revenant
  •         The Danish Girl

Another win for Mad Max here, as it also won the Bafta (which can be very predictive in the tech categories, if not the main ones so much), and the guild, but that wasn't too informative, since they separate into genres like fantasy, period, etc. Still, I think it's the obvious frontrunner here, just based on how it looks.

Winner: Mad Max: Fury Road


  •         The Revenant
  •         Mad Max: Fury Road
  •         Sicario
  •         Carol
  •         The Hateful Eight

The Revenant is the ASC and Bafta winner for this- it's your Oscar winner too. Emanuel Lubezki has won this award two years in a row, and will now make it three, which is pretty amazing. If you want your movie to look good, hire Chivo.

Winner: The Revenant


  •         Inside Out
  •         Anomalisa
  •         Shaun the Sheep Movie
  •         When Marnie Was There
  •         Boy and the World

Inside Out has this walking away. There's no argument I can make for any other contender.

Winner: Inside Out


  •         Amy
  •         The Look of Silence
  •         Cartel Land
  •         What Happened Miss Simone
  •         Winter on Fire

I think Amy will take this one- it's won the most amount of precursors for documentary, but more importantly, whenever there's an entertainment doc among the nominees it tends to win with the whole Academy voting, which they used to not be able to do for this category, but now can. Cartel Land is more of a critical favorite, but it seems to me like Amy's got this.

Winner: Amy

Alternate: Cartel Land


  •         Son of Saul
  •         Mustang
  •         A War
  •         Embrace of the Serpent
  •         Theeb

Son of Saul is the favorite and like Amy, has won by far the most precursor awards from critics and other groups for this category. I wish I had gotten a chance to see it, but it never played anywhere near me, so sadly I'm in the dark on this one. But it is supposed to be amazing.

Winner: Son of Saul