Matt Damon Returns as 'Jason Bourne' in Full Trailer

Well, it looks like a Bourne movie. That's about all I can say about this trailer, aside from the Vegas chase scene, which does look pretty cool. The thing about the Bourne movies is that when they were originally coming out, the Greengrass style of frenetic, hardcore action filmmaking was so revolutionary that it took hold of the genre immediately and every action movie in its wake was somewhat ripping it off. So now, all these years later, it's no longer as different as it once felt. But Greengrass is still a great director, so if anyone can pull off a good one, it's him. We'll see. I also don't really buy Alicia Vikander in the role of CIA agent or whatever it is she's playing here. The first three cast character actors Chris Cooper, Joan Allen and David Straithairn in those parts- people who looked and seemed like government officials if nothing else. But the baby-faced, lovely Vikander? Yeah, not so much.