See Barack and Michelle Obama's First Date in Trailer for 'Southside With You'

This fictionalization of the Obama's first date in 1989 premiered at Sundance to pretty good reviews, described as a Before Sunrise type of film that centers on just the two of them over the course of one day. It's funny though- this is the first of what's bound to be many, many Obama biopics that will inevitably be made over the next who knows how many years, don't you think? He's just one of those presidents, the kind that will be depicted on screen for decades to come. There's already another being made as we speak about him in his college years, and he's not even out of office yet. I have to say, neither of these actors looks or tries to sound much like Barack or Michelle, but maybe that's a good thing. Like Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of Nixon, it's more about just capturing the spirit without attempting to imitate the person. Joseph Gordon-Levitt should take note of that. This one is coming out August 26th.