Felicity Jones Gears Up in 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Teaser

Here we go with the now annual Star Wars hype. This time it's The Theory of Everything's Felicity Jones in the lead, as we see what went down with the building of the original Death Star before the first Star Wars movie in 1977. I think this doesn't look bad, but I have a couple of nitpicks, as is inevitable and kinda part of the ritual for anything SW-related these days, and why not? The material no longer belongs to George Lucas, but to the general public, and since the films are now being driven by fan fiction, it's my turn to chime in. One, why does everyone in the Star Wars universe now have british accents all of a sudden? Do they think that makes everything look and sound more "serious"? And two, if this Jyn Erso character turns out to be Rey's mother, as I'm almost certain is going to happen, I really really hope Luke is not her dad, because I HATE the idea of him having had a totally offscreen, but apparently very important, relationship that we were never privy to. Other than that, this one was directed by Godzilla's Gareth Edwards, so if anything, I'm sure it's going to be more visually stylish than The Force Awakens. And by the way, that IS actually Genevieve O'Reilly reprising her role as Mon Mothma, apparently with the aide of the same tech that was used to put Michael Douglas's 1980's face back on his head in Ant-Man. Oh god. They're not going to do that for Luke with Mark Hamill, are they?