Oscar Season Kicks Off With Trailer for 'Loving'

Speaking of Oscar contenders, here's one sure to be in the race, at least for acting. Jeff Nichols directs this drama about the couple whose marriage ended up going all the way to the Supreme Court in 1967, when the court finally struck down the remaining bans in southern states against interracial marriage in the famed Loving v Virginia decision. Ruth Negga, known to me from Agents of SHIELD of all things, is said to be the big standout in this, which premiered at Cannes to respectable, if not ecstatic, reviews. Nichols is kind of a muted director overall, in my opinion, so that kind of reaction isn't surprising to me, but you can tell from this that Negga and Edgerton brought their A-game. Be on the lookout for it when it comes out in November.