New Poster and Footage Debut for 'Rogue One'

Given the reports of re-shoots going on with this film after studio execs reportedly prefer that the Gareth Edwards directed early cut they saw resemble JJ Abrams' Force Awakens more, I wasn't sure what to think about how this one will turn out. But this new footage looks...interesting, I suppose? Supposedly we're getting looks at Darth Vader and a young Han Solo in it, which...of course we are. Can't let any of these films stand completely on their own, can we? Even the supposed spinoff ones. Felicity Jones gets another awkward line of dialogue, or maybe she just delivers these lines in an odd manner. I didn't think the super self-serious style of the director of the most recent Godzilla movie would be a great match for the Star Wars universe anyway, so it doesn't surprise me if Disney wants what will make them another 2 billion or whatever it is the last one made. The tone here certainly resembles more of a war film.