First Trailer for Casey Affleck in 'Manchester By the Sea'

This film from director Kenneth Lonergan premiered at Sundance to rave reviews, was immediately labeled a major potential Oscar contender, and was eventually bought by Amazon. The studio wants to launch it as its first awards candidate, and in doing so it needs to release it in theaters, unlike what Netflix did last year with Beasts of No Nation. They're planning a limited release in November, right around Thanksgiving, as the perfect date for these kinds of films, so we'll see if this family drama about grief (it seems it may be a bit reminiscent of something like Ordinary People) can take off. I'm guessing Casey Affleck (the greater Affleck, I've always thought, as far as acting talent goes) can probably land a Best Actor nomination at least, but the movie could be in there all across the board, especially once critics chime in. The trailer seems a bit mild, but it's always kind of hard to market old school family dramas in an interesting way. I trust the buzz out of Sundance on it more.