Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Trapped in Space in 'Passengers'

This would be sci-fi blockbuster is slated for Christmas, and as a very rare, big studio original screenplay being sold entirely on the basis of the two stars involved, it's the kind of movie you want to succeed, since they pretty much never make these anymore. But, I don't know. What do you guys think? Looks like a pretty generic action space movie to me, and if it's being sold on the two of them, the fact that they don't look to have an ounce of chemistry together is not going to be helpful. Jennifer Lawrence just cannot help herself with that constant talking AT people style of acting, which means she never really connects with other actors onscreen, it's just all about her. And Chris Pratt looks a bit bland in this as well. I have a feeling Arrival will the be the better sic-fi film this year.