More Super Bowl Teasers for 'Infinity War,' 'Jurassic World 2,' 'Red Sparrow'

During yesterday's game (yay Eagles!) there were a boatload of teasers and glimpses at the would be blockbusters coming out this year. Here's a recap of the most buzzed about ones:


Everyone's really excited about this, which brings even more characters into the mega-universe, like the Guardians, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange, but I pretty much hated the last Avengers movie, so I'm meh on it. What I most noticed about this was just about everyone got a new hairstyle since the last one.



Jurassic World was one of the loudest, dumbest movies I'd seen in a good decade or so, and the sequel looks to be following in that one's tone for the most part. Who thought it was a good idea to bring those stupid hamster balls back?



I haven't actually posted anything for this movie yet, so I figured I'd throw this one in here. It's coming out next month, and it looks pretty iffy. Most of my skepticism comes from the fact that it's from the hack Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence, but who knows. Also not too sure about JLaw's Russian accent. Hasn't this been done a million times already? Wasn't this similar to the Angelina Jolie movie Salt? Actually, it looks exactly like the begged for Black Widow movie fans wanted, if Marvel had ever agreed to let a Black Widow movie happen. I guess we'll see if anyone's into this.