More Han, Lando and Chewie in New 'Solo' Trailer

So this trailer finally gives us more Alden Ehrenreich as Han, and the result is...not great. Does anyone see Han Solo (and by that I mean late 70's Harrison Ford) in this performance? The guy looks, sounds, acts nothing like him. Plus he's like five inches shorter than him. I just think this was terrible casting that can't be fixed, even if the movie itself managed to overcome its many, many reports of production problems with the script, acting, reshoots, etc. I also don't think Donald Glover resembles Billy Dee Williams' Lando in any way, now that I get a longer look at him. Solo's premiering at the Cannes film festival before opening in the U.S. on that same weekend in May. Still not sold. Chewie may turn out to be the star of the movie.