Michael Moore is Back with 'Fahrenheit 11/9'

I guess this is the spiritual sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11, one of the highest grossing documentaries ever made, but will this one have the same impact when we as a culture are constantly being shit on with Trump dominated media coverage every single day? It's like being trapped in a house with a domestic abuser who won't stop beating on you and destroying your house bit by bit. I guess this time, for me, I don't need Michael Moore to tell me anything I don't already know about what a sick, traitorous criminal Trump is and how the only thing we can do is vote in November for Democrats who will put a check on him and stop this shit, hopefully get rid of him. Funnily enough, Moore is the demographic of a typical Trump voter, yet I'm not sure how he could win over people who haven't made up their minds at this point. But good on him for trying.