Billy Dee Williams Returns in First Look at 'Star Wars: Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker'

For the first time since 1983, Billy Dee Williams dons the Lando Calrissian cape again, which to me is really the only notable thing about this teaser. With Han, Luke and presumably Leia gone (thought it looks like Carrie Fisher has maybe one scene in this) I guess it makes sense for Lando to come back, but how long into the movie before they kill him off too? JJ Abrams returns to direct this final entry in the trilogy and it looks like he’s bringing back Emperor Palpatine (that is his cackle, right?) and Mark Hamill’s narration at least. I really don’t like this trilogy and I really hate this title- does it mean Daisy Ridley’s Rey is related to Luke after all? The whole reboot series has felt like a strange blend of nostalgic fan fiction (The Force Awakens) and bizarre, prequel-esque randomness (The Last Jedi). It’s hard to care about what happens to any of these people.