John Singleton 1968-2019


After suffering a stroke twelve days ago, filmmaker John Singleton was taken off life support by his family and has passed away at the age of 51. His directing debut was the 1991 classic Boyz N the Hood, an enormous success that garnered him an Oscar nomination for Best Director at 24, both the first African-American to achieve that honor and the youngest person ever to be nominated in the category. He went on to have a directing career that included the films Poetic Justice (1993), Rosewood (1997), Shaft (2000), Baby Boy (2001) and Four Brothers (2005). Celebrate his too short life today by watching a film of his, particularly Boyz n the Hood if you haven’t see it, or the historical drama Rosewood, his most underrated and critically acclaimed film next to his debut.

Trailer for Boyz N the Hood:

Trailer for Rosewood: