Saoirse Ronan Stars in a New 'Little Women,' Coming This Christmas

Setting aside the need for yet another version of Little Women in the world (there was just recently a BBC series with Maya Hawke and I think they should have waited a good 40-50 years after the 1994 one to do another feature film), how do you think this one looks? It seems fine, except Florence Pugh does not look right to me as Amy. She’s a good actress (she was great in Lady Macbeth and The Little Drummer Girl), but they’re using her to play Amy at both ages, which is a no-no, in my opinion. You have to use two different actresses for Amy, because no one in their twenties is believable as a 12-year-old and Florence Pugh already looks older than her age. Eliza Scanlen (Beth) looks younger than her. I’ll be seeing this of course, as a Little Women aficionado, but I’m very attached to the Winona Ryder version, and I doubt this will top it.