Peter Fonda 1940-2019


Peter Fonda has passed away after a battle with lung cancer at the age of 79. Son to Henry and brother to Jane, he was part of a Hollywood dynasty and one of the key figures in the counterculture revolution of the New Hollywood of the 60’s and 70’s. After guest starring on many television series like Wagon Train and The Defenders, he started making counterculture movies with director Roger Corman, films like The Wild Angels (1966) and The Trip (1967), which was written by Jack Nicholson. Then he produced, co-wrote and starred in 1969’s Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper, who also directed, and which became one of the defining movies of the decade. His original screenplay was nominated for an Academy Award, as was his buddy Jack Nicholson for Supporting Actor. His track record as an action star and director was a bit spotty throughout the 70’s, but he had a comeback with 1997’s Ulee’s Gold, for which he was Oscar-nominated for Best Actor.

Trailer for Easy Rider: